Short comment on Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Legislation (06-08-2014)

I am dismayed and truly baffled upon reading this article on Uganda’s … I ask, in both the rhetorical and literal sense: how can Uganda actually progress under this sort of insane political bigotry?

This is going far beyond the gay issue now, and we are seeing a country which is failing by its international law, democratic, moral and human rights standards.

Do Ugandan taxpayers ACTUALLY believe this Bill is more important than addressing gender inequality, unemployment rates, insecurity, infrastructure, health, education, and so on? I’m incredulous.

A few points:

– The MP who kicked off the new signing of the new Bill said: “Whether we are denied aid and we live in poverty, we shall live by that,”

– Ugandan lawmakers allegedly want to stall handling of the budget process to make the reintroduction of the anti-homosexuality bill the top priority;

– Normal Rules of Procedure may be sidelined for the new Bill;

– The Ugandan court, which nullified the Bill, failed to pronounce on its gross human rights violations;

– A Kampala MP wants the new bill to ‘ban [all] anal sex’, heterosexual or otherwise, adding: the practice is “closeted homosexuality hidden under heterosexuality where men are forcing themselves on [and engaging in anal sex with their] women” after being denied gay sex


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